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From writing the query or covering letters that sell your work, through to getting paid when it has been published, Kelly James-Enger has advice on all aspects of the business of writing. In fact she sets out no less than 101 pieces of advice, and hence her sub-title: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success.

Kelly has built her own successful career as a freelance, and bases her advice on her own experience of what works and what doesn’t. Her whole thrust is about finding markets, selling yourself (and your work) to them, turning them into long-term clients, and building a profitable business on that client base. She details proven strategies in all of these areas.

A great deal of her advice is based on internet contact and she has plenty to say about developing your own presence on the web and using email and web contact to recruit clients. But the important thing about Kelly’s advice is that it works. She has proved it herself!


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