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What is lifestyle writing? In her new book, Sarah-Beth Watkins describes it as writing that focuses on things that are important in our lives. And that covers a long list: child care and raising a family; health issues; human relationships; hobby interests; holidays and travel; food and cooking; furnishings; running the home; the list goes on.

The good thing, of course, is that we all have some knowledge of these issues – probably enough experience from which to write at least a magazine article – and if we don’t, then this book shows how to research your subjects.

It also shows how to construct, write and market magazine articles, and even how to write a lifestyle book and see it published. Certainly writing magazine articles seems to be the starting point: whatever lifestyle subject you choose will be almost certain to have several magazine markets that will be open to you.

And it makes sense to focus on one subject for a start, that way you can become recognised in your chosen field

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