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Aimed at student-level writers, and therefore ideal for beginners, this kindle book focuses on fiction writing and does so with an emphasis on creativity. Early in the book it shows how you get started with your writing even when you believe you have nothing to write about.

The authors, both creative writers themselves, go on to analyse the structure of story writing while explaining how you, the new writer, can deploy your own creativity to master the form (with plenty of exercises to help you with your own practice).

There is sensible advice about writing style, and how to develop your own, and helpful discussion on the approach to short stories and to novels (and novellas).

And as soon as you can in your writing career you need to get yourself out there, to make contacts, to market yourself. So the book explains how to use the internet to do just this, and to give practical advice on such areas as self-publishing and the world of competitions.

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