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Lincolnshire’s contribution to the Cultural Olympiad features work by poets Ian McMillan, Gillian Clarke, Liz Lochead and Lincolnshire Poet Laureate Joel Stickley, plus a contribution from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Golden Fables’ central theme is taken from the myths and legends of the Lincolnshire countryside. Each poet has written a specially commissioned fable that will be set to music.

Producer David Lambert, of Cultural Solutions UK, who produced the show, said: ‘We wondered how we could bring together something which would reflect the county’s strong rural traditions. It needed to show how things are changing yet how rural life is staying the same and we wanted to bring together words, music and images.

‘We were stunned by the enthusiastic reaction we received when we mooted the idea of a drama based around poetry and music and I think that’s reflected in the calibre of the artists who have got on board.

‘And to get permission to use Archbishop Tutu’s words was just overwhelming.’

Golden Fables 2012 will be performed at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness at 2pm on Sunday. The show, which will feature images, performances and live instrumental music, will be filmed and screened at various Lincolnshire venues during July.

Website: www.goldenfables2012.co.uk


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