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Despite its title, this is not a morbid or depressing book, but one that it is hoped will bring encouragement and comfort to all who are experiencing life’s difficulties, even to the point of wondering if they wish to continue living. However, the question of whether or not it is morally acceptable for people to receive help to end their lives prematurely is a divisive one, but one that cannot be ignored. Some countries have already legalised voluntary euthanasia, whilst others are still wrestling with this ethical dilemma. We all hope that we will never be faced with this situation but, if it does arise, where can we turn for help and guidance? The Bible is one useful resource, as over 50 passages have been identified that relate to coping with desperate life circumstances, along with a few instances where a life has been ended prematurely. In addition to identifying and discussing these passages, this book also provides helpful background on the history of the biblical sources used, along with factors that can influence their interpretation. This is psychologist and theologian Mike Lowis’ second book that probes specific biblical themes.

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